Requirements foodservice


Foodservice and gastronomy are very complex sectors.  Despite all the differences there are also overriding themes for the products:

  • Handling: The offered assortment is very easy to handel and the preparation is enourmous quick.
  • Life time: Our products are designed for a long life time after preparation. The products have a constant quality wether you put them in a hoth – food counter or  you store them at room temperatur. The products are delicisous and look good.
  • „Just–in–time“: You can prepare our products in all ovens. Classic onses and also in modern high speed ovens.
  • „To-go“: The snack products are also for to go. We offer an unique concept for packaging especially for snacks.


Price is always a sensitive topic. The reason why we can offer the optimal price-performance ratio is because we posses the leading technology in each segment.


Quick avaliability is essentialFor the gastronomer. We are partner of all relevant distriputors and you can order our assorment via many suppliers.