unterschied2  Preparation

Condeli always uses the leading technology in each segment:

SteamCon-process – Used to cook food items. This process preserves nutrients and the product retains its unique flavour.

  • MEAT: gets especially tender without loosing its bite
  • VEGETABLE: crispness, color and vitamins are maintained, gentle on nutrients
  • PASTA: maintenance of the firmness to the bite, its not too soft or
    overcooked; al dente

Toast with the sealed shape:

  • Production of the toast in our house bakery
  • Fully automated industrial toast linie
  • Worldwide unique


Masterfully crafts comindes with modern technology

The raw dough production:

  • Highest technology and the handicraft of our master bakers is combined on our semi-automatic line.
  • The production is on a especially designed line, the self-designed modules, which gurantuee 100%  sealing of the baked goods, make the difference.


Baking process: Napoli Style

Our Rock`n Roller are baked with high temperature to enable different preparations.

After the cooling you can bake them cripsy  in the oven or heat them in the microwave.

The production of the dumplings

Shock freezing:

No large ice crystals form thanks to flash freezing. The cell walls will not be damaged and the product therefore stays fresh