Following the traces of the yeast dumplings

For hundreds of years yeast dumplings are a popular dessert in Austria. Furthermore, these tasty ski hut snack is since the beginning of Condeli a fix starter in the assortment. However what do you know about this classic dish?

Reichenthal. The sweet dish, which you know mostly from ski huts, has its origin in the Bohemian cuisine. The pastries were taken from Bohemia to Vienna where they were perfected during the Austrian monarchy. Today the yeast dumpling are part of the Viennese pastries. The classic yeast dumplings are filled with plum jam but there are other variations that are filled with blueberry jam, apricot jam or nougat crème.

The Austrian Empress Maria-Theresia didn`t want to miss the sweet temptation. For this reason, the Empress has ordered to serve the dumplings at least once a week.

Yeast pastries are one of the most popular Austrian snacks and because of that, you will find them nearly on every ski hut. The ingredients and the sizes are nearly the same. Therefore, it is very simple to compare the dumplings. For the reason the yeast dumplings have an own index – the yeast dumpling index, which provide information concerning the whole prices at the ski hut.

Finally the dumplings Knigge (book on etiquette)

The only correct way to eat dumplings is to cut them with two forks. A spoon is also an option. The reason why you don`t cut the dumplings with the knife is that the smooth surface does not absorb the sauce.



Company profile for press content:

Condeli GmbH was founded in 2012 and is an Austrian company headquartered in Reichenthal (Upper Austria). Condeli, the lasagne and convenience specialist is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the family-owned business Hochreiter Fleischwaren GmbH and is exclusively involved with the production and sales of high-quality convenience products.
Condeli currently employs more than 100 people with an annual turnover of approximately 40 million euro (2014). Aside from its core product chilled lasagne (export share 85%, with market leading position in Germany) one can also find toast, rock`n roller, dumplings and other convenience products in the product assortment.


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