Toast & Eat – Condeli revolutionises the market for convenience again

The trend towards convenience remains unabated – “warm” convenience products are the drivers of growth here. After numerous  innovations at the lasagne market the Upper Austrian Lasagne & Convenience Specialist Condeli causes a stir with another product innovation. The toast in a sealed shape with a high variety of sweet and savoury fillings. Moreover it is very easy to prepare the toast. Shortly: a product, which lives the convenience-conscious.

Reichenthal. Convenience food is ‘on everyone’s lips’, and not just in a literal sense. It is experiencing tremendous growth and is a sector that will play a pioneering role in the future as well. It is about time, about meals that can be prepared quickly. If they taste good and are also healthy, convenience becomes ‘conveniently fresh’.

During the long-term development phase, Condeli has succeeded in giving a sealed shape to a filled toast. Based loosely on the motto, ‘I cook myself – but I love to have help’, we have developed a concept that fully addresses this demand.

‘You can eat Condeli’s new convenience toast in a few minutes and the preperation is exremely easy. With the sealed shape results in a number of advantages for the costumers: No leaking, no dripping, no mess in the toaster.’ answers Heinz Kaltenbäck, managing director of Condeli GmbH, on the question about the advantages of the product.

Aside from a conventional preparation of toast in the oven or in the horizontal toaster, our ‘Toast & Eat’ can now also be prepared easily and quickly in a vertical toaster. The new product range is available with savoury fillings like ham & cheese, bacon & egg, chicken mediterranean and tomato mozzarella, or with sweet fillings like nougat, apple – cinnamon, strawberry and apricose cheesecake.

‘The Convenience Trend will increase in strength in the next few years. Condeli has set themselves the tasks of fulfillment the consumer wishes with their products and innovations” says Heinz Kaltenbäck in a nutshell. Following this trend the next innovation of Condeli would not take long to wait for.


Company profile for press content:
Condeli GmbH was founded in 2012 and is an Austrian company headquartered in Reichenthal (Upper Austria). Condeli, the lasagne and convenience specialist is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the family-owned business Hochreiter Fleischwaren GmbH and is exclusively involved with the production and sales of high-quality convenience products.
Condeli currently employs more than 100 people with an annual turnover of approximately 40 million euro (2014). Aside from its core product chilled lasagne (export share 85%, with market leading position in Germany) one can also find toast, roasted chicken pieces, dumplings and other convenience products in the product assortment.

Enquiries for media:

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